Flexural Device for 2 point and centre point tests - CT560

2000kN Cube and Cylinder Automatic Compression Machine - CT340
Designed to test 100mm, 150mm and 200mm cubes and cylinders up to 320mm long

Fully compliant with BS EN 12390-4 in terms of Force measurement &the stringent stability, alignment & restraint requirements of the Load Frame.

  • Compact Welded steel load frame with a high degree of mechanical stability
  • Ball-seated upper platen
  • Lower platen, positively located on the loading ram, marked to allow centring of both cubes and cylinders
  • Loading ram with cover to prevent debris damaging it during testing and a limit switch to prevent it from exceeding the maximum limit of travel
  • Frame fitted with mesh guards at front and rear to protect the operator
  • Front guard is hinged for ease of access
  • Supplied with 300mm diameter upper and lower platens and 200mm diameter distance pieces to allow for testing cubes and cylinders

Automatic Machine

  • Set test parameters then automatic mode gives one-touch operation
  • Manual override
  • Compression range 0 to 2000 kN
  • Real time graph display on screen
  • Units in mPa or kN
  • On-board memory: up to 100 test results

All data-entry and editing functions are available via the keypad and display on the front of the control console.

Motorised power pack
With hydraulic loading allowing fine control, accurate pace regulation and rapid platen approach facility

Operates on 220V 50/60Hz (110V version available)

Specifications (frame only

Height 920mm
Width 400mm
Depth 440mm
Maximum vertical clearance 375mm
Maximum ram travel 50mm
Distance Pieces supplied

2 x 50mm, 2 x 80mm

100kN Flexural Frame for Beams - CT800
Rigidly constructed open sided frame which can accommodate 100 & 150 mm square section Beams.
Meets BS 1881-118; ASTM C 78 for standard section beams.
The flexural frame has a hydraulic ram and upper sub platen assembly incorporating a spherical seating and can accommodate a wide range of accessories for testing in flexural and compression.
  • Vertical clearance: 164mm
  • Throat clearance: 95mm
  • Ram travel: 75 mm

Can be fitted with ball seating assembly.